Insert for tension ceilings (cap)

Insert for tension ceilings

The price, $/meter
to 500 m from 500
to 1000 m
from 1000
to 5000 m
от 5000
to 10000 m
over 10000 m
0,21 0,18 0,16 0,16 contractual

The insert for tension ceilings closes a crack between a wall and a tension ceiling. It does a tension ceiling ideal and as hides roughnesses of walls thanks to what densely keeps in a baguette on curvilinear sites.

Insert for tension ceilings

Color white. The insert isn't deformed at long storage in the reeled up kind.

The insert for a tension ceiling the widest of presented, is used for backlash dressing between a wall and a cloth of a tension ceiling, mounted on aluminum and plastic baguettes.